Thursday, 14 April 2011

were back!

Massive apologies for the quietness!  To be honest, we had a bit of a set back because the man who was supposed to be helping us with our PR unfortunately was trying to screw us over and make money out of the dollys and take all the glory.Not gonna happen!!! Guess it was a lesson learnt the hard way, but at least we didnt part with any cash!
So, after a little bit of wallowing, and a kick up the behind by the guru that is Mr. Biginelli (, we are back on track and have some rather exciting things going on.

As a start, the Bekah meedoll has had a bit of an update makeover.Her hair changes like the wind so dolly needed to catch up. Will get the photos up soon hopefully. We're also getting ready for the South Wales Business Fayre which is on the 20th of May, at The Three Saints Hotel in Llantrisant. Should be a good day! If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by! 
Also, to join in with the upcoming Royal nuptials, we thought we'd write to Clarence House and let them know that we would like to make them a wedding present of their very own meedolls! So, if we hear anything back, we will of course let you all know whats going on!

All exciting stuff!

Got some pictures of Bee King's meedoll up on the site now. So, go take a look. and while your there,maybe go like our facebook page ( or follow us on twitter! @itsameedoll

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