Monday, 22 August 2011

We are back

Firstly, we need to apologise that we have been so remiss lately and its now 3 months since we did our last blog. Our dolly maker hasn't been very well and has been taking some time off to get better. Now that she's almost fighting fit again we are back on track with our dolly making.

 We took part in the Save the Children Japan Aid Craft day and met some amazing people and saw some brilliant items that people have obviously been working hard on. The event managed to raise over £300 for the children in Japan effected by the recent devestation over there so we were glad to help and take part.

As for the dollies, we have just delivered a very special dolly to our dolly makers dad. It was his 65th birthday this weekend and the family all got together with some of his friends as a suprise. It was quite a challenge as Bekah had to knit the meedoll a jumper from scratch, which ended up involving 3-ply yarn seperated down to individual threads and 2.5mm needles. Very small and VERY fiddly but it ended up looking brilliant! the overall outcome was fantastic and he was super impressed. It was shown off to everyone at the party and now has pride of place on a shelf in their front room! Hopefully we will have some pictures soon. Should have taken some ourselves but we were slightly distracted keeping small children entertained!

 Coming up next, we have an even more special dolly! The one and only Dolly Parton is currently on tour and will be playing in Cardiff at the beginning of next month. SO! we are busy busy making her a unique one off It'sameedoll! to take back to Dollywood with her and hopefully get some photos and maybe a bit of endorsement aswell! Watch this space!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

countdown commencing.....

If ur a fan of our facebook page ( then you will know that the 20th of May is the South Wales Business Fayre at The 3 Saints Hotel in Llantrisant. We are gonna be there, in co-ordination with The Princes Trust, showing off our dolly wares. Got a banner to finish off and the very helpful husband has been helping us make some stands for the dolls that will be coming on the adventure with us. Got a few finishing touched to put to our flyers, but apart from that, the preperation is all going well!
Hopefully it will all go well and we will try and get some photos of us doing our thing! we shall post them here and on facebook so check it out!

So dont forget, check your diarys to see if you have any landmark birthdays or special occaisions coming up. If so hurry and get your dolly order in!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

were back!

Massive apologies for the quietness!  To be honest, we had a bit of a set back because the man who was supposed to be helping us with our PR unfortunately was trying to screw us over and make money out of the dollys and take all the glory.Not gonna happen!!! Guess it was a lesson learnt the hard way, but at least we didnt part with any cash!
So, after a little bit of wallowing, and a kick up the behind by the guru that is Mr. Biginelli (, we are back on track and have some rather exciting things going on.

As a start, the Bekah meedoll has had a bit of an update makeover.Her hair changes like the wind so dolly needed to catch up. Will get the photos up soon hopefully. We're also getting ready for the South Wales Business Fayre which is on the 20th of May, at The Three Saints Hotel in Llantrisant. Should be a good day! If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by! 
Also, to join in with the upcoming Royal nuptials, we thought we'd write to Clarence House and let them know that we would like to make them a wedding present of their very own meedolls! So, if we hear anything back, we will of course let you all know whats going on!

All exciting stuff!

Got some pictures of Bee King's meedoll up on the site now. So, go take a look. and while your there,maybe go like our facebook page ( or follow us on twitter! @itsameedoll

Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's all gone media crazy!

So, my very helpful friend and business colleague, Neil Gibson, put me in touch with the South Wales Echo who have just published an interview with me talking about how I got started making dollys and all that sort of jazz. It was in todays paper and I have to be honest when I say I thought people might read it and go "oh, there we are then."  But already, I have had an email, and a phone call from BBC Radio Wales asking me to go down and see them to do an interview about the dollys aswell! I'll be on with Jamie Owen, who hopefully will like them as much as the Echo people did. It's all feeling very strange though. Don't know if I'd want this sort of thing all the time....

Monday, 7 February 2011

latest delivery

So, having been in cahoots with her husband, we managed to deliver Bee Kings It'sameedoll! today. She wasn't expecting it at all and came home to a great suprise of herself sitting on the mantlepiece. Her husband, Simon, is already a proud owner of an It'sameedoll! and couldn't resist getting one for her aswell. 

Meanwhile, the next dolly under construction is a present for a best man from the groom who is also hopefully going to be featuring it in his column in "You and Your Wedding" magazine, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. He's looking good so far and has also allowed us to experiment with a few techniques which have worked wonderfully.

Also, and finally, we've been interviewed for a weekly column in one of our local rags, the South Wales Echo. Should be interesting to see the response, if any, from that and we will post the links to both articles as and when we get them!

Friday, 28 January 2011

ooh-err... there we are then!

So, it's finally happened. Never massively understood the whole blogging thing but after many people telling us they want to know whats going on with the dollys, we thought it would be best to give it a go. So bear with us. is the website that you need to go and look at. We are also on Twitter - @itsameedoll, and you can come and join our facebook group - We hope to see you there!