Monday, 22 August 2011

We are back

Firstly, we need to apologise that we have been so remiss lately and its now 3 months since we did our last blog. Our dolly maker hasn't been very well and has been taking some time off to get better. Now that she's almost fighting fit again we are back on track with our dolly making.

 We took part in the Save the Children Japan Aid Craft day and met some amazing people and saw some brilliant items that people have obviously been working hard on. The event managed to raise over £300 for the children in Japan effected by the recent devestation over there so we were glad to help and take part.

As for the dollies, we have just delivered a very special dolly to our dolly makers dad. It was his 65th birthday this weekend and the family all got together with some of his friends as a suprise. It was quite a challenge as Bekah had to knit the meedoll a jumper from scratch, which ended up involving 3-ply yarn seperated down to individual threads and 2.5mm needles. Very small and VERY fiddly but it ended up looking brilliant! the overall outcome was fantastic and he was super impressed. It was shown off to everyone at the party and now has pride of place on a shelf in their front room! Hopefully we will have some pictures soon. Should have taken some ourselves but we were slightly distracted keeping small children entertained!

 Coming up next, we have an even more special dolly! The one and only Dolly Parton is currently on tour and will be playing in Cardiff at the beginning of next month. SO! we are busy busy making her a unique one off It'sameedoll! to take back to Dollywood with her and hopefully get some photos and maybe a bit of endorsement aswell! Watch this space!

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